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Professional weekend course of Bakery Art

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Professional weekend course of Bakery Art


About this course

Get your hands in the dough with the course in White Art weekend in Milan: learn all learn all about baking and pastry making.

An intensive, hand-on comprehensive course that allows you to develop in a short time the practical skills to become a master in white art.

Knowledge of mixtures, raw materials, processing techniques and cooking: the fundamental characters of this course designed for future professionals. The program starts from the basics to the most modern techniques of baking and pastry.

Our instructors are master bakers, pizza makers, pasta makers and pastry chefs: during the lessons you’ll learn to make great bread, pizza, all the secrets of fresh pasta and pastry, from creams, shortbreads, viennoiserie, to classic and modern cakes.

The aim of the course is to teach you how to make a wide range of leavened products and have the opportunity to become part of a network of professionals at a national level.

Duration: 80 hours (40 + 40)

Milan attendance: Saturday (10:00 > 15:00)

Max number of students: 12

Location: viale Col di Lana 8, 20136 Milano

Next editions

2nd edition of Professional weekend Course of White Art in Milan

January 20th 2024: 3 places available

2nd edition Professional weekend Course of White Art in Bologna

February 24th 2023: 4 seats available

New editions 2024 coming soon:

contact us for further info

Who should attend

Bakery and pastry enthusiasts who want to improve their skills in a professional way.

To those who want to make their job a passion and want to take the first steps.

For those who work in restaurants, catering, bed&breakfast or bars… and want to make their own bread and desserts.

To those who are self-taught kneaders but want to learn professional methods and techniques.


Minimum age 18 yrs.

Good knowledge of the Italian language


The main objective of our school is to make students learn the basic techniques of white art with a professional approach. Food Genius Academy offers practical, intensive and effective courses that allow not only to learn recipes but the basics and techniques of baking and pastry making so that you can immediately apply what you have learned and make it profitable right away and in the future.


All students are given the opportunity to join a network of professionals at a national level. Being an FGA student means being able to search for collaborations on all the the national territory of the food industry.


Baking Module

Course presentation, ethics, class leader, materials delivery

Laboratory set up, raw material storage, cleaning, instrumentation

Flour theory – Breads with indirect leavening : Baguette, fougasse, challah, ciabatta, bagel

Bread with mother yeast : Country bread, rye bread and fruitcake, Apulian bread

Pizza and focaccia : Pizza with plate and pan, pizza in pala, focaccia genovese and Recco

Leavened desserts: shokupan, panbrioches, burger bun, cinnamon rolls

Fresh +  filled pasta

Food cost


Pastry module



Viennoiserie and puff pastry 1

Viennoiserie and puff pastry 2

Meringhe, macaron, daquoise

Classic cakes

Modern cakes

Final exam


The certificate issued at the end of the course is also a useful tool for labour market integration, work relocation or to resume studies in a training path.

Given the credit that Food Genius Academy has received over the years and thanks to the student training, the collaborations and their instructors, being an FGA student gives you the right skills and opens doors to the working world.


The HACCP certificate( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) this is necessary for anyone working in the food and beverage field administration (for example, chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, pizza makers, food processors, etc.,). The HACCP Certificate is obtained after attending a legally required course covering topics such as microbiology, chemistry, physics and legislation, the HACCP system, its application and sanitisation, and taking and passing a test demonstrating the skills acquired. Food Genius Academy students, as required by Regulation (EC) 852/04 obtain the certificate required by regional regulations as part of their training.


As baker or pastry chef

As personal chef

As events and catering chef

At restaurants, pastry shops, laboratories, bars, agritourism, bed & breakfasts, fast food or street-food


You can also purchase one of the two course modules individually:

Cost of single bakery module: 1200€

Cost of single Pastry module: 1400€

all in-person classes, professional uniform, lecture handouts, insurance, fees and taxes.

+ €500 FGA Network membership fee

The FGA Network membership fee includes lifetime access to recruitment activities and job opportunities in companies and restaurants run by the Chef Around the World recruiting firm and to the professional development and continuing education courses and activities offered by Food Genius Academy to all its alumni.

The course is payable in one lump sum or in three monthly instalments.

Contattaci per sconti, agevolazioni o per fare una lezione di prova.

Corso professionale di Arte Bianca nel Weekend