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Professionals only

All the teachers at FGA are esteemed industry professionals. Their role isn’t merely one of teachers but of mentors, thanks to their successful enterprises, they can support the students with a more hands on approach to their formation, using practical business and industry tendencies.

Business oriented

FGA isn’t only an academy but a hub for talent, a hub where to find the right people to get acquainted with to enter into the marketplace. Many of our students have already started their own restaurants, catering businesses, patisseries  or ave taken over the family business or have become freelance. Our education, being intensive and creative, is a good boost to jump right into the job market, or to create yourself one. 

The best restaurants

We inherently believe that a good internship in an amazing business is a crucial point in the education of our students and a real jump start for a brilliant career. We collaborate only with the best at national and international levels, to guarantee an amazing experience you’d cherish not only in your professional life but in your personal one too. 

A valid certificate

Our academy is a professional formation center for Haute Cuisine, accredited by “Regione Lombardia”. Our certificates of competence and diplomas are recognised internationally.

The location

The academy is located in the beating heart of Milan’s Navigli district. The complex was originally born a foundry, and the academy has taken its shape in this beautiful charming setting. After that we created Al Cortile, our restaurant, then the consulting firm and finally a start up incubator. Our students can complete with practical experiences their education, taking part in many of the projects we develop. 

Moreover, we have a campus in Bologna and soon enough one in Shanghai.

The right contacts

We are a multifunctional environment, the students collaborate closely with the academy’s teachers, our strategic partners and the clients from our consultancy firm. This will allow them to build a solid network, extremely useful in their future career.

A multidisciplinary approach

A restaurant’s success is made first and foremost by the cuisine, front of house, management and communication. This is the assumption on which FGA moulded its educational offer. The students can share and complete their knowledge by collaborating with other students and professors that share their same passion while having different areas of expertise.

95% placement rate

Our placement rate is 95%; The industry is in a continuous expansion, and our diploma is considered as a guarantee of rigor and competence.


The students have the possibility to partake actively in our privately organised events within our walls and outside, they can also be an integral part of Al Cortile’s kitchen brigade, putting into real practise what they’ve learned from our team, and during classes. 

The city

Did you know that Milan is the Italian city with the highest concentration of Michelin stars restaurants? Here, future chefs will be in close contact with the most vibrant gastronomic scene, both Italian and international.


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