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Food Genius Academy is the right team for your team building!

For firms and normal parties, we organise private team building exercise, personalised, for groups that extend from 10 to 100 people, in 90 minutes we will make you prepare your dinner while divided into teams, followed closely by a tight knit group of chefs. Your food will be served to you by our staff during either lunch or dinner, don’t worry, we can provide wine as well!!

Reinforcing the team is the mission.

Working in the kitchen is like working  in a company office where colleagues are motivated to spend time together and collaborate to create new business ideas. Tasks are divided in an harmonious way with new experiments and laughter. Metaphorically kitchens represent the office environment, by drawing a parallel with methods, resources, organisation and competences. The conviviality of creating and cooking together will make the bond between the team something many employers look for daily. But at the same time we show people how hierarchy and collaboration, organisation and action must have perfect balance.

The menu and the Chef

The chefs are chosen based on your needs and budget, within our network

Our menus are elaborated on your wants and needs, on the characteristics of the events and seasonality of produce. We can guarantee yummy options for any participant with dietary restrictions of any kind. 

Our formats:


The group is divided into two or more small groups (depending on the number of participants) just as a real kitchen brigade. each small group will be assigned a partie (appetiser, mains, desserts …) to create a successful dinner. Dishes will be served at the end of the challenged as a sit down, or stand up dinner for all. The attendees have 90 minutes to complete the program and cook for their fellow comrades. While our staff will be serving dinner, you’ll be cradled by some lovely wine (TBD with the menu and budget for the event).

Max 100 people 


The group is divided in 2 or more teams depending on the number of participants. Each team will be provided with a recipe they will then have to organise themselves into different task autonomously while being supervised by their team’s professional chef. At the end of the preparation of the dishes, we will have you sat and served by our floor team, then you’ll proceed to vote for the best dish of the evening. 

Max 100 people 

genius box

The group will be divided into teams which will be given a mystery box: in this box you’ll find all the necessary products to come up with a recipe.  After the team’s briefing you’ll be given 90 minutes to complete the recipe you decided to create for your mates. After the completion of the task, dinner will be served, at the end of which a jury of your peers and professional chefs will classify each recipe. An award ceremony will follow.

(Max 40 pax)


Italian style aperitifs, punches, tiki drinks, all the classic and creative mystery boxes: you can decide the theme of your mixology inspired team building, depending on number of participants and needs. The objective is to give them some knowledge on what they will be mixing, a bit of history and techniques, all followed closely by our networking of wowing professional bartenders and bar managers. The participants will then create their own cocktails. Bizarrely this team building exercise is always a huge success with everybody, even tee totals. 

(Max 50 pax)


Two offers to be healthy:

– self – growth thanks to a yoga activity or yoga chair followed by a culinary team building built on “green and health” principals. 

– Sensory journey thorugh spices and wine, where the team will be divided into teams that will learn to recognise scents, colours and tastes from around the world, to then recreate dishes to heal body and mind

(Max 40 pax)

wine tasting

Learn to recognise the right wine, the objective is to select the best team od “enogastronomical” critics. The participants decided into groups will eat various courses while being offered a wine degustation. The participants, guided by professionals sommeliers, will have to understand which wine they’re tasting. The exercise finished on the discovery of the various bottles drank during the night. 

(Max 20 pax)

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Check out the brochure

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