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Online course in Gastronomic Communication 2.0

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Online course in Gastronomic Communication 2.0


About this course

The course in DAD (Distance Learning mode) to know the history of cooking, understand and learn how to communicate in the food world. By professionals and in a multimedia way.

The online course in gastronomic culture and communication to really know this sector, learn how to communicate it, navigate through the multimedia tools available and build a new professionalism in line with the needs of today’s job market. Suitable for enthusiasts and those who want to build their own project, anywhere in Italy and around the world, but especially for those looking for a valuable professional update to reposition themselves in the working world or spend these new skills effectively in their business. For chefs, restaurateurs, agency accounts, PR, or anyone who wants to work in food but lacks the necessary foundation to do so.

Food Genius Academy is an accredited professional training center, and for years we have been looking after the chefs, pastry chefs, restaurant managers and communicators of tomorrow – with an unconventional approach. We structured this course in partnership with ItaliaSquisita, a historic Italian food magazine, because we both work in this world, we know it well, we know what skills are needed to understand cooking and communicate it, but above all the most useful multimedia tools in today’s world. Digital content creation, press office 2.0, content and digital marketing, effective communication plans and business goals – to be achieved with viral videos and reels or thanks to historical gastronomic guides. Whether you want to jump into this industry, change jobs or become a communications manager for your family business, this is the course for you. Wherever you live, and without the need for relocation.

The course includes 3 months of “live” online theoretical training with the rest of the class, always in the evening hours to let you invest in your future without interfering with the present. Classes are 3 hours long, twice a week with more than 20 lecturers working in publishing, consulting or PR and digital marketing agencies, between old and new media. Homework tutorials are provided and we meticulously “proofread” your assignments to help you improve your writing skills.

Duration: 3 months (online mode)

Frequency: Tuesdays and Thursdays (6 p.m. > 9 p.m.)

Maximum number of students: 25

Upcoming editions

7th edition Online course in Gastronomic Communication 2.0

April 23th, 2024: 5 places available

New editions 2024 coming soon:

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Who it is aimed at

To those who want to write about cooking but don’t know where or how to start.

To those who, whether chef, restaurateur or patron, want to learn about communication tools to manage their business.

To those who already work in another industry but want to reposition themselves in the business world.

To those who have studied communication or already have a degree in their pocket but want to deepen their knowledge of the food world.

To those who have started working in the field but want higher education for their career.

To those who have their own project and want to develop it professionally.

To cooking enthusiasts who want to deepen their skills.

What you will learn

You will learn about the culture and history of cooking, from dawn of human civilization to contemporary chefs and culinary trends. We’ll teach you how to build an effective communication plan, choose the right media, food writing techniques to draft texts for press kits, social posts, articles, branded content. We will tell you about the evolution of food journalism, how to relate to the world of criticism, and how to create innovative and eclectic social content to spread information in an educated, viral or pop way depending on the type of target audience. Approximately 75 hours to assimilate the basics to become a food expert, know how to handle multimedia tools, increase your professionalism in the world of work, and know how to keep yourself up-to-date so you can evolve your cultural background while staying in step with the times.


Good knowledge of the Italian language

Familiarity with digital tools


The main goal of our school is for students to learn the art of kitchen communication with a professional approach. Three months of classes, evening and “live” online to give your professional life a boost. Food Genius Academy offers practical, intensive and effective courses that allow you not only to learn the history of cooking, writing and marketing techniques, but most importantly, make you truly understand the true meaning of being a contemporary communication professional and the new figures most in demand in the world of work. So that you can immediately apply what you have learned and make it profitable today and in the future.


All students, from any region are thus given the opportunity to join a nationwide network of professionals. Being an FGA student then means being able to access the search for collaborations-in internships and otherwise-across the country, both as a foodwriter and for other professionals in the food industry.


History of gastronomy

History of food, from the Neolithic to the future

Food publishing in Italy and publishing logics

Basic writing techniques: writing for work

Communication theory and techniques: making yourself understood, being persuasive, public speaking tips

Multimedia communication techniques for food, from the web to social networks

Food storytelling, technical theories and writing workshops

Interviews and the use of sources

From marketing plan to communication plan

The communications agency: doing press office, PR, consulting

Digital & social food marketing tools and strategies

Food photography and food design

Multi-sensory marketing for the restaurant industry

Food criticism 2.0 and new food professionals between old and new media

Professional deontology of criticism and the journalistic and non-journalistic professions

Alternative, viral, unconventional, effective communication

Personal branding: communicating one’s professionalism


The certificate issued at the end of the course is a useful tool for the purposes of entering the labor market, job relocation or for resuming studies in a professional training given the accreditation that Food Genius Academy has received over the years thanks to the preparation of its students, the influential collaborations and the teachers the school uses. Being a Food Genius Academy student gives you the right skills and opens the doors to the working world.


You will have the opportunity to take classes and meet lecturers such as Carlo Spinelli, Gabriele Zanatta, Alessandro Massi, Margo Schachter, Aldo Spinelli and many others


You will have the tools necessary to write about food in an online or offline editorial staff, to start your own blog or social channel project, to join a communications agency and work with clients in the industry, or to reposition your business in the food sector. The course is also aimed at chefs, restaurateurs or professionals who want to take charge of their business communication themselves and do it competently.


all distance learning, additional e-learning insights, lecture handouts, fees and taxes.

+ €500 FGA Network membership fee

The FGA Network membership fee includes lifetime access to recruitment activities and job opportunities in companies and restaurants run by the Chef Around the World recruiting firm and to the professional development and continuing education courses and activities offered by Food Genius Academy to all its alumni.

The course is payable in one lump sum or in three monthly instalments.

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Corso online in Comunicazione gastronomica 2.0